​​​​Diana Catala, P.A.

​ ​​​​​​​​​"Selling Sunshine"®

*Pre-Listing Staging ​- at our listing appointment, I will assist in getting your home in showing condition. 

*Landscape Design -curb appeal is a great way to show you take pride in your home before they even walk in the door.  With a couple of simple strategies, we can vamp up its appearance with little or no cost.

*Interior Design- with a new home comes new decorating challenges.  Many years of seeing homes, and models, allows me to provide you with new and fresh ideas based on your life style, or personality.  Always a favorite of mine!

*Interior Remodeling - okay, so you have that one area, or two, that just doesn't make sense, or has a lack of use.  Allow me, with a vision to see, to provide you with some alternatives.

Realtor ®